Amazing Cure

IT WORKS! No, you aren't required a doctors prescription and those sudden surges of anger and frustration are suddenly gone. Peace of mind surrounds your body and you become more active realizing that life is not something you write about, but experience. I will admit you need a bit of will power and may have to ease yourself slowly away but the benefits are unbelievable. I've been on this regimen for about two weeks now and I feel great! No, nothing to buy, no coupons necessary it's as easy as limiting your access to social media. Some of us remember the days of complete freedom from the bonds of technology, it's fine in small doses but too many of us treat it as life support. While you are ranting about your kids and their video games they are wondering why you spend so much time on social media and they are probably right. Lead by example, there is so much more to life than that lit screen and keyboard before your eyes. Life is to be lived not observed!