Beware the Wildlife

I have long warned that man is slipping as the dominant species on earth, we all know the ultimate master is Mother Nature but are you aware of the "collusion" with the Animal Kingdom? For years now suicide deer have been throwing themselves in front of vehicles, squirrels have viciously attacked the tires of our cars and raccoons have strewn our garbage in an effort to biologically attack. Rabbits, as always, procreate then sacrifice themselves in streets across the land to immobilize us mentally with guilt for running over their cute little furry bodies. Sharks, long suspected to have caused the demise of the dinosaurs before they were relegated to water, hang around for the occasional snack. Bears, mountain lions etc. look at hiking trails as buffet lines. Finally, the most devious of all, dogs and cats have endeared themselves as part of the family awaiting the final signal to attack "Et Tu Fluffy!"