On Golden Pond

I know yesterday was Father's Day but my true gifts will come today. I will head out to the garage and grab my carefully placed fishing poles, untangle the lines the fishing trolls have twisted up, by the way this is what the Christmas light trolls do in the off season, grab the tackle box and head out to the lake. I will then meet up with Thing 1 and Thing 2, my son and daughter for a day of "If the fish don't bite, I don't care" I'm with my kids. The competition will be fierce as we go for the first, biggest and most catches of the day, but we will all come out winners having spent more time together. All too soon the time will pass and we will head to our various homes, their's a doorway to the future and mine a place where those futures began. We have always practiced catch and release when we fish but I must admit I will never release this day we spent together knowing my next time on Golden Pond will be missing two.