Hopefully Not

A tragic shooting at a ballpark in Washington D.C. during a Republican softball practice seems to have opened the eyes of our legislators as to the need for respect and cooperation. It has also raised questions as to the vitriol and verbage used when attacking each other that shows a lack of respect and understanding for each other's views. This was a despicable, radical act of a very warped and troubled man but I fear is exemplary of the frustration felt by many at the inactivity and lack of achievement toward promised goals. Let the investigations take there course, what will be will be. Let the light of cooperation be lit and brighten the future of this country. No matter what your affiliation realize we are bonded together by the spirit of being Americans. There are enough elements working outside this country to do harm, let's not destroy it within. Bless all those who were wounded in this tragic shooting with wishes for a full and speedy recovery. Tonight the Republicans and Democrats will meet on the diamond let's hope from tomorrow and forward on they still remember how to play ball. GOD BLESS AMERICA!