Pools Up!

Over the weekend we once again resurrected our above ground swimming pool, it's about an hour of preparation and labor under normal circumstances. This year we found a couple of minor leaks which were taken care of easily enough, oh wait, the pool pump has burned out, a day to reorder a new one. Remember last year when this fall impaired old guy fell off the ladder and dislocated his toe, got to stabilize that situation. Oh look, the solar cover has big tears, got to order one of those. I'm not really complaining, this will be the 4th year of usage for a nominal cost. Some of you might suggest getting a season pass at the local pool, I'm sorry, there are no pools, only Aquatic Centers. Well modesty and public safety forbid me from displaying a physique gone wild. Today we finish the privacy stripping on the fence to prevent public viewing and accidents on the street then it's Orca time!