Beware They're Loose!

No, it's not an exotic animal from a nearby zoo or an escaped circus lion (what circus?) The local jail was not broken out of nor has the Zombie Apocalypse begun. What is this most frightful thing? They've thrown open the doors of our schools and released the ever inventive minds of youth for the summer. I fear because of the creative ways I and my friends could accidentally get into mischief and knowing that those that walk amongst us now are a bit more sophisticated. No need to hide in your shelters, the earth has survived this for as long as I can remember. I would also remind you to use great caution when you are out and about especially behind the wheel, they are still in the mode of living forever and we are the "we'll see what tomorrow brings" mindset. Let's make sure that we're able to get them all caged up for school in the fall.