My Connection with Russia!

With all the attention being paid too Russian meddling through out the world it will only be a matter of time before it's discovered that I too have a connection. Being a believer in preemptive strikes, I shall purge my conscience here. It was back in 1962 that I was recruited by one of their top agents at the time working as a teacher of languages at Lincoln High in Des Moines. In my naivete of a ninth grader I was quickly drawn in by Katherine Kirkhoff to learn the intriguing language of Russian. Facing the ire of my stepfather, a WWII veteran who was suspect of my intentions from the start, I often came home to find that any materials pertaining to my studies were flung into the yard as he yelled "There will be no Commie crap in my house!" I respected his feelings and studied elsewhere. He and I finally made amends when in my 4th year I was caught making Russian beer in the garage, he found it quite tasty but confiscated it because I was under age and destroyed it one bottle at a time out of the refrigerator over the next two weeks. For reasons of time and space I will continue this confession at a later time. Stay Tuned!