Eyes on the Road

I am excitedly counting down to July 1st as my Dr. told me that there is the possibility I may no longer need therapy. You see I suffer from DYDC (Drive Your Damn Car) Syndrome, and I am not alone as every second in this country someone is struck. The most common occurrence's happen at stop lights and signs as another driver has received a life changing message and must immediately weigh the consequences and respond. It usually takes about 2 or 3 cycles of a traffic light or 2 stern blasts of my horn depending on my patience level. The State of Iowa, realizing the epidemic proportions of violators and the number of accidents, injuries and unfortunately fatalities that have been caused by this inane behavior, will institute a law that forbids texting and talking while driving. This will also bring entertainment to those enforcing the law as it will create a whole new range of asinine excuses as to why someone needed to do it, after all don't you have better things to do than saving lives?