Tell Us Another Grandpa

As we get older we sometimes feel younger folks don't have time to hear our tales of time before, last night I had a pleasant surprise. Many of the softball players I umpire in the adult softball leagues have been aware that I'm a "HUGE" star in local radio but no little about me beyond that. Last night during a conversation with one of the new umps he asked if it was true that I produced television sports for over 30 years as I affirmed his query the questions began to pour out and in the short time we had I answered as many as possible. It was now game time and as he headed to his field he asked if we could talk a little afterwards, I agreed. You know how it's said news travels fast in small towns, well it travels even faster at 6 softball diamonds, now it looks like we may have to hold some story time with Grandpa Mel before and after the games. I was deeply flattered by the attention and interest shown, it made my night. I almost told them they could get on my lawn and pick my apples anytime but then again that would be against the "Curmudgeon Oath".