Morning of Mourning

A sleepless night as I think of the terror attack in Manchester, then again I have many sleepless nights because other than prayers I feel so helpless. We have suffered many terrorists attacks throughout the world from either organized cells or unbalanced one person acts, having a group take credit does little to relieve the anxiety. Last nights attack was on innocence as it took place at a children and tweeners event. I cannot imagine the joy and excitement as the concert ended and then the mass hysteria as 22 lives are immediately snuffed out, many more injured in the panic of escape. We are always told afterward to not let the terrorists win, go on about your lives as normal, well I have 2 normals, pre 911 and after, I prefer the pre but am stuck with the after. Continue to be vigilant but not paranoid, unfortunately we have not seen the last from these murderous lunatics.