What to Do?

This is a problem that hasn't affected me for many years, school summer vacations. When I was a kid they were great, 3 months of doing what I wanted (within parental limits most of the time) but it does present a problem. Who will monitor these young adventurers? We had for a while a much older sibling who felt imprisoned by the responsibility and informed us early on that he was a secret agent and would be called away on assignment many times and we would have to fend for ourselves on occasion. His missions were so secret we could not let our parents know. All that aside it boggles my mind with all the information supporting the the "Summer Slide" in learning retention and the fact that all schools are now climate controlled, why we don't figure out a system that allows more breaks of shorter time throughout the year. This would keep those industrious little minds in a better learning curve and still provide adequate time for those family vacations.