The, Not So Easy Rider

It is sitting in the back of garage, trapped by a kayak, snowblower, smoker, wheel barrow and ladders. I think it is red, hard to see through the accumulated dust, and lonely because it's owner continues to avoid riding it. It isn't neglected and gets a tune up every year, last year new tires and a pledge that this year will be different, that it will soon see action this summer, just one more empty promise. It is fear that keeps that large rear end from climbing on that gel filled seat and venturing forth for some much needed excercise. The phrase "Just like riding a bike, you never forget" is not as convincing as it once was. When you're a child and you fall off you bounce up and get back on, when you're my age you press the medic alert button. I think I've come up with a solution and it won't require my wife running along beside me and letting go when she thinks I'm ready. I'm going to load it up and drive 3 blocks to the Hospital parking lot this Sunday and give it a go. If I do fall I'll only be a few steps from someone who can help me with my boo boo. The only question left is Iodine, Merthiolate or Mecuricome? Have a GREAT WEEKEND!