Generation Gap Widens

Every day I congratulate myself in being alive, at the rate my early life was going everyone thought 21 would be a reach. I wouldn't trade my experiences, good or bad, for anything. All the books in the world will never replace the day to day lessons taught in life. I will never be the wise man in the cave at the top of the mountain, I'm too damn lazy too climb it and besides if you're living in a cave how smart can you be? The rub comes in when we folks decide to bless the younger generations with our wisdom only to find it either isn't needed or welcomed. Here's a quick test that will save you time, name recognition: Kennedy, The Beatles, Nixon, Studebaker, Ne Hi, Lik a Maid, Black cow and Green River. Raised eyebrows will indicate interest, rolled eyes will indicate "Death where is thy sting." Time marches on, History, whether it is personal or worldwide often offers a window to the future, but as has happened for generations we treat it as a door to be closed. The rocker on the porch and the bench in front of the courthouse still hold the best lessons of life.