The Melseidon Adventure

Ok, I've heard the line "The 2 best days of owning a boat is the day you bought it and the day you sold it." I did not buy my boat it was given to me by my older brother or should I say his wife. I had hinted to buying it a few years before and he said he was still using it. Last year, as I noticed the weeds were rather high on the trailer, decided to offer again. As we were determining market value and depreciation his wife stepped in with the final offer, "Just get it out of our yard." I accepted. It is a nifty craft that came with a huge 5 1/2 horsepower and trolling motor, 2 oars and anchors. It's capable of holding 2 1/2 fisherman and one disappointed water skier. I took it home late last summer, it needed a little clean up and the licensing had lapsed, needless to say it didn't hit the water. As I went down to scrape barnacles and ready the sturdy craft to get a jump on harpooning the "Great White Crappie" of Hickory Grove Lake. I noticed the trailer had a flat tire and the hull needed a little repair, I had already confirmed that it had no leaks because the tarp over it had failed and it was filled with  winter water. It now sits in front of the boat house, some call it a garage, awaiting it's final registration papers then it's off for it's maiden and we hope not last voyage as I have yet to master the backing up of the boat trailer. AVAST MATIES, oh yeah and ARRRRRRRRGH!