Middle Ground

First of all I remind you that my wife is a couple of decades younger than me, I do not need any more "Way to go guy" comments, after 26 years of being together we think it's going to last. I would be less than honest, not my style, if I didn't point out that we do have a problem that has arisen because of our age difference. I, on the cusp of 70, have developed a higher risk of falling because of my diabetes. As I poo poo this as only being a slight possibility she has pointed out that it's happened 3 times in the last 8 months, one off the swimming pool ladder, one in the driveway and finally on our concrete patio. All involved some sort of physical labor the last 2 were head over heel heavy lifting incidents. She has relegated me to only the minor chores around the house while she steps in for the major jobs. She is fully capable but I must admit to a part of my manliness being diminished. I know I need to accept life's changes but it's hard. She said she would rather be married to a live "wimp" than a dead "Macho Man". I think I'm adjusting fairly well as I was able to sit on the patio quaffing cold drinks as she mowed the back yard, the perfection of the "bassett hound" eye look is gaining me more sympathy. I shall try to carry on.