All That I am

When asked who inspired me most in my life the answer is easy, my MOM. She fought her way through raising 4 boys with the most love and tolerance any one human being could share. She worked hard with what little we had and even though we were not the most affluent she made sure we had what we needed. Her boys would be well mannered and respectful or they might get a visit from the yard stick or ping pong paddle across their bottoms but I assure you the tears were shed by both and the strokes most gentle. She was a gourmet cook of basic foods, she could turn a good old Catholic Friday Feast of tomato soup and fish sticks into something you looked forward to. She knew her "Angels" had a touch of the devil in them and was a master at getting confessions of wrong doing and setting us back on the path of righteousness. her love was more than one family could hold and always treated our friends as part of our family except for the discipline portion, but they would tell you she was not one who was afraid of sharing some verbal advice. Her humor was never ending, her smile made the worst times better, her healing hands made every "owie" disappear immediately. Most of all her wisdom guides my life daily, her love saturates my soul, I miss her but she lives with me every day. Go ahead and call me a Momma's boy, it's the greatest compliment I can get, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY THIS SUNDAY, hugs to all of you MOM'S!