Better than I Deserve.

Talking about how much ammo to use, what targets to put up, which extra weapons to make available and how long is expected to be used. Tonight the smell of gun cleaning oil fills the air, keeping the weapons clean is essential, now where are those ear plugs? A day of heavy shooting can sure take a toll on your hearing. You might think this is me and some buddies talking about a little target practice or skeet shooting but it's not, it's my wife and another fire arms instructor preparing for a week of training and qualifying for local law enforcement. I often look back to that shy young lady I married, she was a television director at the time and now she's a Police Sergeant, fire arms instructor, hostage negotiator who this summer will receive her Doctorate in Psychology. Add in loving wife and mother, compassionate and caring for all who enter her life, what more could one ask for. I'm going to change my nickname to "Lucky" because she keeps me around and I'm thankful for that every day.