Great vs. Better

What a beautiful day! Started with a fresh brewed cup of coffee watching a gorgeous Iowa sunrise. Made a little toast, drank some orange juice and caught up on the news. Chris and I went to a graduation party, spent time with friends and made a few new ones. Came home, put a new blade on the lawnmower, cut the grass, sat down on the patio with some ice water listening to the birds and children fill the air with song and laughter, all is right with the world. It was those very words that made me think, 'hardly". We are nothing but whiners, if the very slightest thing goes wrong. I'm drinking ice water while someone in the world just wants water. I spent 5 minutes trying to decide which pair of tennis shoes would become my Yard work shoes while others are barefoot. At the party I debated which cookie or cake looked the best while people are starving. Some one brought up healthcare, I walked away thinking there are people dying with no health care available. We're spoiled, whatever we have we want more and then that won't be enough. So called civilized countries are anything but as we ignore the plight of others all over the world. While many hang on the phrase of make "America Great Again" maybe we could expand it to "Make the World a Better Place for "ALL" Mankind to Live". I've earned everything I've got but in all reality most of us have more than we need while others struggle to exist. We truly are or should be our brother's keepers. Sleep may not come easy tonight.