ISU Graduation

It's another graduation at Iowa State, where we bid adieu to an awful lot of young futures. There are those that say "I would never want to live in a college town"  I assure you there is no better place. Every year our spring begins in late summer as young people from across the globe come to plant the seed of higher education and over the next few years we get to watch it grow. No doubt some are experiencing their first taste of freedom and sow a few wild seeds but eventually, for most, a maturity begins to set in and the realization that they are now responsible for where life will take them. We are in good hands I assure you as this curmudgeon has witnessed, and who amongst us hasn't craved the opportunity to experience that adventurous time in our lives again. I wish them all the success and joy life can bring, that their student loans become a burden of the past and that they remember this great University and the town that shared a small part of their lives with them. Congratulations Graduates!