Summer Adventures

I was just thinking of our first assignments in elementary school after each glorious summer, write a story about what we did. It wasn't painful for us because teacher gave us bragging rights that day but can you think of the anguish having to read them. Our classes were large, up to 30 kids and boy could some of us spin a tale. The many temporary businesses established like Kool Aid Stands, Lawn mowing, or for us a spectacular production in Craig Bales parents garage. Expeditions into unknown territories or at least as far as our bikes would take us before our time set to return home. Searches for treasure as we would scavenge for pop bottles to get the 2 cent bounty. Girls were icky and boys were mean except when trying to fill out the roster on any team played sport and always fearing that you were the least respected athlete and would be chosen last. Don't forget the days of lost souls when your best pal went on vacation for infinity,usually about a week, and you lived in limbo until their return. I just wonder about how much things have changed in this technology based world, appreciative of all the conveniences it offers but wonder if it's severed or diminished the art of play as we knew it. As it was said long ago "Time Marches On!" and I'm sure it's to a different beat.