I am Law

I enter back into the field of officiating Adult Softball for, let's see, let's say my UMPteenth year. I do it because I enjoy it and it gives me an opportunity to meet more members of the community, mostly on the young adult side. You learn very quickly there are those who come out for the pure enjoyment of the sport and others that are hoping there is a professional softball scout in the bleacher's that will take them to the next level which I'm pretty sure doesn't exist. Last night was my opening night of the season and believe me it tested every skill I had. By the end of the night I had threatened to stop the game twice, issued 2 no smoking warnings, warned both teams and penalized one player for profanity and had to threaten an elderly female fan with expulsion who evidently thought there should at least been one donnybrook towards the end and was fanning the flames from the bleachers. In the end both teams slapped hands in sportsmanship, apologized to me and demonstrated great remorse for their actions on the field reaffirming what I tell them before every game"Go out, have fun, we all have to go to work tomorrow and most of all, I AM THE LAW!" Can't wait for the next games, more power than a 69 year old man should be allowed and seldom has to invoke. I love umpiring for some of the best, most spirited and nicest young people I know.