Corn Bred

Folks we been a gettin' a lot of rain down our way and quite frankly could use a bit of a dry spell. Plantin' is a bit behind and iffin we don't get into the fields fairly soon it will sure effect our growin season and what we stick in the ground... OK, I can't keep the charade of what the sophisticated people of our country expect we Iowans to sound like, but if you've never tried it on  someone who's only heard of our state it can be fun. It provides that person with the stereotype they expect and gives you more laughs than should be allowed. While I admit there is no piece of clothing more practical and utility designed than a pair of bib overalls I haven't warn them since they were a fashion statement about 40 years ago, you know, like painter's pants. In all honesty, I worry about our farmer's and sympathize with the frustration that comes with an overly wet spring. Here's a hopin' for a dry spell, and thanks you men and women of the fields for all you do. I'm one damn proud Iowan.