Subject to Interpretation

Did you ever wonder who sets the rules for political correctness, a term itself that qualifies as an oxymoron. Now I will grant you many of the banned terms are quite obviously offensive and should be stricken from the dictionary and our tongues forever. Being a broadcaster I'm always walking on eggs and fear I didn't get the latest list of no no words. It's probably hard to believe this sophisticated, man of the world was hewn from rough stock and known to utter profane epithets frequently. It was a language of occupation and necessary when I worked in a service station and owned my bar. It was who I was and still am at times, subject to profane moments of anxiety but much more in control. Did I just get a whiff of arrogance, I hope not. I feel adrift in a sea of "uh oh's" as I peer into the constantly worried face of my colleague every time I open the mic. I shall continue to strive for that correctness to the best of my abilities but oh how I miss you Emily Post, who's in charge now?