The Beautiful People

Why are all babies beautiful, for the most part they look pretty much the same? Oh sure, there are discernible family traits but for the most part they're tiny bundles of joy unknowingly the next generation to take on the problems of the world, if they did know they'd cry a lot more. For all the wonderful things we want to provide them, most of them material next to love, we have constantly been able to avoid the most important "Peace on earth, goodwill toward all people". I think deep in our hearts the simplistic thought of "Can't we all just get along" holds more meaning than we're willing to admit. The unfortunate reality of age is we become more prejudiced and self centered, often with blatant disregard for the world around us except for how it affects "me". Hmmm, I think I just found the answer, it's that babies are bathed in the light of innocence that makes their beauty shine... My allergies are flaring up, got to put this dusty old soap box away.