Garden Mercy

Many folks out there are itching to get to gardening. This is that difficult time where you can roll the dice and gamble on an early start but know in your hear that Iowa weather could dash your dreams with a touch of frost. I, on the other hand am not tempted even after any chance of frost is gone. I, respecting all humanity, do not garden any more for fear of another year of planticide. I truly have the "Brown Thumb", 2 of our local gardening shops have posted my picture forbidding any sales. When we seek the sumptuous tastes that only home grown can provide my wife has had to resort to recipes that feature dandelions and common weeds of Iowa. We are still in search of a way to prepare "Creeping Charlie" our most successful crop. We do have one skill that has provided us with the best in home grown products, we know how to shop...God Bless the Farmer's Markets!