Completely Blank

This morning, as I ponder my thought of the day, I find myself completely blank, it's kind of nice. Not that I don't want to pass more of my personal insanity on the world, it's good therapy, or so my other voices tell me, but today I think I'll decline. I'm not going to worry about what comes tomorrow or the day or week after just going to deal with today and it's needs. Ok I'm in a good place, I'm calm and serene, I've shed myself of all anger. I shall now reach out with my left hand clutching the cold metal handle, my left hand slowly puts forth the envelope it holds and drops it into the open chasm as I chant my mantra "Here's the rest of your damn Tax Payment!" Tears flood my eyes but for a moment as I ponder my need to find a dishonest CPA. Happy Tax Day!