Long Lost Electronic Friends

As I sit here this morning watching the Science Network explaining how the earth was made and the effect of solar flares and meteors on our planet I suddenly have a yearning to see "Mr. Wizard" suck just one more hard boiled egg into a milk bottle. I would also like to see the "Captain" hang up his keys one more time. Buffalo Bob and Howdy greeting the Peanut Gallery. Kukla, Fran, and Ollie exchanging witticisms. Slim Hays and Alkilie welcoming us to the bunkhouse on the Lucky 13 Ranch. My first of many meetings with Duane Ellet and Floppy on the Lee Harris Show. Bill Riley drawing my name on his Breakfast Club for a case of "Pepseee Colaaa" then going to a Crusader Rabbit or Pow Wow the Indian Boy cartoon. Most of all to see my dear friend Betty Lou make one more paper chain, then tell Dusty the Unicorn and Gregory Lion to "Open the curtains, start the motor and turn on the lights" on Magic Window. Oh Oh, memory bank overheating, must shut down.