Easters Finest

I have to admit about the best dressed we boys ever were during the year was at Easter. I don't know who did the marketing for new clothes on this day but they have my complete admiration. The danger in our wardrobe was  the difference in what Mom thought was cool and what was actually "cool". My older brother Joe worked very hard at being a consultant and it was only then that my mother had perfected selective hearing. Of course with our limited wardrobe budget the clothes must be multi purpose and timeless for the passing down tradition our family maintained. Dress shirts with little man ties, creased pants and bright freshly polished shoes. Dad wore the same suit I believe he wore to his high school graduation and mom was a master at mix and match of her own clothes but the boys had to have "Brand New". We knew the hit our meager budget took to get this done so we sucked up any fashion criticism and marched proudly with the 2 people who sacrificed all for us, Mom and Dad. HAPPY EASTER!