Good Knight Chivalry

Gentlemen, I fear our good intentions of so many years ago have now been interpreted as an insult to the opposite gender. Holding a door, offering a seat, removing ones head gear in their presence can now reflect condescending messages as to them being a weaker person. I disagree and continue in many of those chauvinistic practices despite the scorn and suspicion of the younger generation. I am in a bit of a quandary though as yesterday I offered my seat to a young lady on the bus and she adamantly declined. I insisted again explaining my mother's spirit would haunt me if I displayed bad manner's. She gave me a pitiful smile and pointed to some words printed on the window behind "These seats are reserved for the elderly and disabled" I stayed in the seat, not depriving her of her courtesy nor wanting to begin a "United Airlines Scuffle" I did though ponder which category she had placed me in, probably both.