Gremlins of Inconvenience

They are around all year and no matter how much you try the gremlins of inconvenience are bound to irritate and slow you down. Determined to make ground on some upcoming chores I ambitiously headed outside yesterday morning hoping to achieve praise from my sleeping beauty on the initiative I was taking without being goaded. First would be getting the bikes ready with a good cleaning and of course the proper inflation of the tires. Somehow the automatic air pump had crawled from where it was last and was playing hide and seek. Look as I might it was nowhere to be found. Next came the annual untangling of my fishing gear, I meticulously keep them separated when I store them for the winter but evidently the gremlins of Christmas lights stay in practice by tangling fishing line in the off season. I next endeavored to move my fishing boat to scrape barnacles, paint and apply the new stickers but alas one of the trailers tires was flat, you already know the air pump dilemma. Suddenly a voice beckoning me to take it easy and not stress out, it seemed to be coming from my noble steed, the VTX 1800. Heeding it's advice I immediately mounted not to be seen until a beautiful sunset that evening. Now I only fear the gremlins will realize that my rescuer also has inflatable tires.