Maybe Mars?

I now better understand guilt by association a little better. Media has been my livelihood for nearly 50 years and might I add very good to me. I still love coming to work everyday and hopefully giving every one listening a reason to smile even if it's at my expense. We need to smile more than ever, with a vile political atmosphere a little sunshine never hurts. Ever since the first breath I took I have endeavored to make people laugh or smile but now some of these narrow minded folks have placed me as part of the "Evil Empire" labeled by nefarious if not controversial elected officials. It's kind of like if my brother robs a bank I should go to jail too. The problem of not realizing there is objective news reporting and opinionated news reporting has escaped some people, I suspect they think that all reality programs are "REAL" despite the altered environment of the TV crew that seems to have the good luck of being in the right place at the right time. I get angry at some of the media too, they've cheapened the value  of a long honored and respected profession. I find a lot of people search out the opinions of those that most align with their beliefs rather than the objective and impartial reporting offered by so many. If the media does not serve as the peoples watchdog, then who, government itself? Trust and be selective, the truth is out there, when it's not I'm signing for the Mars Excursion because all will be lost here.