Almost, Not Quite

I gave it my best effort not to get on face book this weekend and did well until about 4:30 Sunday morning. I had already had a couple of cups of coffee, read the paper, let the dog out, showered and gotten dressed. One thing you know for sure, your activities in no way should pose any threat to the sleeping wife "The Cop" or our weekly Saturday night guest, my daughter "The Nurse in training", they both work the night shift. When it comes to getting up to early their temperaments would give me the chance of a large steak in a lions cage. So I reluctantly reached down and picked up my device of silent communication and shared another long lost experience and here it is:

One more privilege denied to the youth of today by our state government, literally by physically restraining them. In fact it's been a few generations since this common practice was in place, just one more moment of joy stripped away. Most of the now older generation awaited with great expectation the words our fathers would speak that would immediately raise our status among siblings and often would cause competition amongst us if not specifically naming the anointed one. It required great skill and physical prowess as one miscalculated move could great bodily harm and injury but once in place a glance to those left behind would bring both envy and eventually attempts at retribution to no avail until the next opportunity. Alas, have I taunted you enough, have you searched your memories and found no answer? I must admit I too could easily be in your predicament as the phrase that bounded into my mind came out of nowhere while on a drive yesterday. Without further frustration for you, here is the triggering phrase "Just climb over the seat and set up front" The panoramic view of the windshield, sitting between the two people you loved the most and being declared the "Prince" at least for that journey held great prestige, even if it was to separate you to keep you from fighting with your brother. I beg you, do not fall prey to the temptation to try it one more time just to trigger some memories. Instead of the front seat you will more likely end up in traction.