What and Why this Salty Discharge

Sometimes, as I prepare my morning program, I peruse many channels of information and are sometimes sidetracked by something that triggers a memory or catches my eye. Yesterday I stumbled upon what was know a few years ago as a "Flash Mob". You know, people seemingly coming out of the woodwork and performing a song, either in dance or words, in public places, e.g. Mall, Courtyard, Times Square etc.. As I watched I felt something running down my face, could it be, yes it was tears. This was not possible, I knew I was smiling, yet there they were. It wasn't just the performance that caught my eye but the random faces of observers that were laughing, smiling and clapping forgetting all the other stresses of the day.  As the mob melted away, applause of appreciation filled the air and they went on about their business a bit happier than before. These were tears of joy for that moment of freedom from stress these videos brought me. Today we need more Flash Mobs and less politics.