Nuisance Police

In this day and age as police have become busier and need to prioritize which calls need quicker attention we have lost the ability to enforce the little irritations we see on a daily basis.  I propose we move those who irritate us with overtime parking tickets to the Nuisance Patrol. The necessity to write tickets could be replaced with men and women who are experts in public humiliation, kind of like a military drill sergeant. The offender would be required to step from their car and suffer a loud verbal beating for their violation. As an example, "The 4 way stop waver" the person who got there ahead of everyone else but insists that the others go first. They will sit and wave you through as they smile and feel good about their magnanimous gesture while confusing the other drivers. The bicyclists who are legal in traveling on the roadway but refuse to move closer to the curb to let cars pass by and somehow feel they are immune to stop signs. The rolling stop offenders who touch their brakes at a sign but continue to roll through. Pedestrians who don't understand traffic lights apply to them as well and dash for street islands. These are but a few examples our hopefully new Nuisance police would handle. Another problem solved.