A Little Respect for the Green

AHH, TAA TAA TAA TAA TAA, Tis a day to celebrate our Irish heritage. There's not a man, woman or child that will deny a drop of the Celtic blood within. The stench of corned beef and cabbage will assault our nostrils all day as we quest for a taste of the Black and Tan and a shot of Irish spirit to follow. The tartan colors of the old sod will testify as to what clan you belong and how hairy their legs might be. Many a fine lassie will dance a jig with hands held stiff to their sides and an energy that can't be denied. At the end of the day at least every lad will become a tenor and skillfully desecrate the song of Danny Boy with all due reverence observed. The Irish eyes will be smiling until that nasty Leprachaun curse of a hangover occurs the next day and the gold that we seek will be found in the inn keepers pockets. Happy St. Paddy's Day!