I'm a Sprinter

Many of you are aware that I will be 70 in August, my wife is over 20 years younger. Our marriage will be 26 years in July and we've known each other for 28 years. Never, in all that time, have we had a major argument, we enjoy being with each other and are always looking for ways to spend more time together. We have never lacked for conversation and the generation gap for us closed very quickly. Mind you, I said for us, those that view from the outside still have many questions like:

1. Will this be one or separate checks?

2. Are you or your dad buying today?

3. You must be proud of your daughter being a police officer.

4. Your grandaughter looks just like her mom was your wife Asian too?

and if Chris is driving the car, the all to familiar look of, "Isn't that nice, she's taking grandpa for a ride."

It happens so often that we've made a game of it and put side bets on what question we will hear? It really doesn't matter, it's good for a laugh. I assure you she is not staying with me for my Senior Discounts. No longer are we a winter- spring marriage, we've melted it into Sprinter.