Saving What?

Tis time for another biological adjustment foisted upon us by those that governed long ago. Once again, as we prepare for slumber, The "Chosen One" will begin a trek through the domain setting forward the clocks that cannot set themselves. The next morning our internal system will begin the task of pushing itself forward to prevent our tardiness at any scheduled event. I have found as I have gotten older my body just doesn't give a damn about what any clock says, it pretty much reacts to it's needs. If it's tired we rest and it's ready for action we move. I have never understood the necessity to confuse ourselves by implementing this self torture of Daylight Savings Time. Of course after thorough research I have discovered that this system was lobbied in congress by some fervent golfers, who after work, craved the opportunity to get in "18" instead of the "14" that daylight would allow. In any event, prepare for the plague of yawning that will permeate the first week or two.