Perhaps Me Thinks Too Much

I have always had a problem, big surprise huh! My mind seems to work at high speed, sometimes quicker than my processing function and I blurt out things expecting every one knows my personality or any facsimile thereof. Often times I meet with blank stares or wide eyes and open mouths, you know,  the what did he just say look. Some times people will say "You're so quick witted" others may infer I'm half that. e.g.  Our neighbor announced that he and his wife were headed to South Korea for a year to teach English but know no Korean. I quickly responded "Yes you do, my wife is 1/2 Korean." I knew I'd lost him when he explained "I mean the language" accompanied with the "Poor old soul's" lost it look. When he asked me to watch his house I of course responded "Why, what's it going to do?" Again a look of disbelief and pity followed by "What time will Chris be home?" I think he was seriously concerned about my mental state and maybe rightfully so. I will always remember a guy I worked with as a surveyor for the City of Des Moines, He had been under care for mental illness for about a year, then returned to work. After making a rather unbelievable statement, one of my young rodmen declared "You're crazy!"  "No I'm not!" he cried, reaching in his wallet "And I've got the papers to prove it, do you?" It seems to me, in these political times, that maybe we all need some papers to prove it.