K.C. I Miss You

This will be my third year away from the Big 12 Tournament and to be honest I'm suffering a bit of withdrawal. It began as a working situation when I was working for Raycom Sports and we were covering the Big 8 Tournament at the time. I, a young energetic youth of 29, had never experienced the amount of dedication K.C. had to making this the best tournament anywhere and that continues to this day, especially for Iowa State Fans. The Cardinal and Gold is dominant throughout the city and the appreciation shown for our stalwart fans is endless. Tonight they will head to Westport and Kelly's to enjoy each other's company and get primed for tomorrows game. Kelly's owner became a good friend of mine over the years and even when I stopped by on a summer trip showed me no end of hospitality, I even got a jar of Jim's special home made mustard, a much coveted taste delight that you can't buy anywhere. So party hearty my friends, I'll be there in spirit, and carry our Cyclones on to the Championship. Kansas City, thank you for all the kindnesses you have shown me, we'll get together soon.