Everybody into the Pool

Some one you work with is about to hit you up for money! They will taunt and tease you until you give just to keep them quiet. The gender card will skillfully be played.  If you're a man you must give in or surrender your "Man Card".  Women will be coerced by the age old "it's a man thing" or  "You're a woman and I respect that you're not very sports savvy"  GAME ON!! Of course I'm referring to the Final Four Office Pool. Your opportunity to suffer the frustration almost the equivalent to not winning the lottery. Each day you will diligently check the results and track your defeats and victories, some will bow out early, they're the lucky ones, others will take the journey for a longer time and hold out hope that that $15.00 will soon be in their pocket. The bragging rights of victory are short lived, about 17 minutes then back to the grind. Any diversion from politics these days are welcome and I predict involvement this year will set records. Good luck, as for me I've already began physical training by tearing paper about the thickness of my prediction sheets.