In my more naive days, which were not so long ago, I always felt Fat Tuesday was a way to make amends for all of the abuse that, we of more substance, have incurred over the years. I have for the most part of my life suffered from the affliction of being "Big Boned" (according to a protective mother). I was fortunate that the cat calls and slurs were not often thrown my way, this was avoided by my ability to make people laugh and throw an occasional hamhock into the taunter's "Soup Coolers". Fortunately my girth was spread across my body in even proportions disguising my actual obesity. Society is much kinder in this day and age and less judgmental in that we have learned that the physical is not representative of the mental and there are less demeaning remarks and bullying as in years past. This now gives me a reason to celebrate Fat Tuesday for it's original intent. I think I'll have a nutritional large meal in reverence to Mardis Gras.