I was doing my best to stay off of face book this weekend and it felt damn good! Sunday afternoon I was faced with a situation I felt I should share. I was headed to the ISU library to further my self education in the Periodical room. As I approached the parking area I noticed a much coveted space was open. I pulled up the required distance on the car parked in front ready to amaze all with my incomparable skill of backing in. As I began my demonstration a car that had been approaching nosed in behind me trying to abscond with the space. I, not being one to be messed with, continued my approach with the mighty JEEP COMMANDER sure that the shiny BMW would relinquish territory, it did! As I got out of my vehicle the driver of the other car began a tirade of what I can only assume to be obscenities in his native tongue which I believed to be from one of those countries our president is trying to protect us from. Unfortunately I have never been one just to hurry on my way and turned yelling back the only phrase that came to mind "Ramma Lamma Ding Dong" in my best do wop accent. He eventually parked in a spot one car down and I was gone. Later as I prepared to leave the library, there was this same man with two more I assumed to be from his native mid eastern country engaged in conversation. I decided my best move was to become stealthy, unfortunately my best move was none too good as he and his friends moved toward me. "Sir", he said, I would deeply like to apologize for my embarrassing loss of temper earlier". 'I'm the one who should be embarrassed" I said, "your command of the English language is better than mine". We all laughed and he and I shook hands. As I turned to leave I told him next time I'd give him the spot, we laughed again. War was once again averted between 'Merica and a Mideastern nation at least as far as a 69 year old man and a young Muslim student were concerned. If only it were all this easy.