Smile, Damn You!

I saw an interesting study yesterday about people who are born without the ability to smile. I'm sure you suspect you know some people that developed have that trait. Smiles are mystical, magical looks that can express so many different emotions. I'm a notorious smiler only because my wife says when I'm not smiling I look angry and up to something. While not always sporting that "Cheshire" grin I am notorious for the smile of cynicism, the smirk of "Oh sure", the assuring grin of things will be better and the wide " You've got to be kidding" smile usually accompanied by a laugh. I like smiling and am known to share it with complete strangers, it's a nice way to get through the day and so much better when it's returned. As the old song says " Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag and smile, smile, smile." I knew it, you look a lot better when you smile!