Lazing on a Sunny Afternoon

Ahhh how things have changed since I went to college. An unusually warm day yesterday gave cause for me to change my usual route of my daily constitutional to the ISU Campus. There is a danger in this as it affects my usual quick, steady pace with many visual and audio pauses of curiosity. The most noticeable being the array of many colorful camping hammocks stretched between the trees sometimes in stacks of three. No longer must one head back home to catch a few winks between classes and some, for some reason, will hold more than one person and have privacy flaps I assume for confidential conversations although they did seem to be susceptible to more motion the the ones singly occupied. Sitting in various other locations were Troubadours with guitars hoping to be discovered or at least forwarding their lamentations to passersby. I was passed at one point by a novice unicyclist struggling to stay mounted. There were medieval matches of honor being fought interrupted by an occasional stray frisbee, "What would the King think of this?" Last but not least there was an occasional student saddled with books and studying that somehow seemed like a sacrilege on this warm, sunny, February day.