Still Celebrating

February 22nd has always had special meaning for me, it's the day designated for the "Father of our Nation's" birth, George Washington ( I threw the name in just in case you forgot). He shared that honor with 2 very important people in my life, Alma Crippen, my grandma, who impressed the wisdom of "Make sure your ears are bigger than your mouth. You'll learn more by listening than by talking. Now go out and play." Being English she enforced afternoon tea breaks and God help you if you cheated at Uncle Wiggily or jelly bean Bingo. She was the essence of unconditional love, although debated by the iron fist she used to raise her children, Grandmaism releases the bonds of responsibility. The second person is my youngest brother Dave "Spanky" Crippen who recently passed from Cancer. The closest thing I had to a twin, although he would claim better looking. A man with an infinite love of people and an incomparable sense of humor. Our family and friends lived in fear of what dastardly deeds we were working up knowing some could go on for days, even weeks before they ended. There was nothing more fun than putting one over on each other and a great feeling of accomplishment. I guarantee he will still have me laughing all day as I think of all the things we did and know that he and Alma are conjuring up some kind of mischief to play on George in heaven. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!