Not Questioning the Right, but Saddened.

The recent shootings in Campustown and legislation being put before our representatives to allow guns, knives, razors and I assume throwing stars and Ninja cutlery on campus has caused me to ponder. While agreeing that every person regardless of age has a right to protect themselves do you really feel safer knowing every one around you might be carrying a gun. I must admit the thought crosses my mind everytime I'm in a darkened theater or a purveyor of fine spirits establishment. It seems not so long ago that the trained officers at ISU had to fight to have guns even though they  often faced life threatening situations. I wonder if the majority of parents prefer to think  that the backpack they're buying should also have a conceal and carry pocket. I know that declaring a gun free zone does little to stop those intent on harming others but it bothers me even more to think that we have come to the point of paranoia to think we must be armed everywhere we go. I know how excited I was to get my drivers license does this also apply for our youth to get their gun permits? The right to bear arms is included with your American birth certificate, are we at the point now when baby takes their first steps it will be toward the gun cabinet instead of mom or dad? I don't have the answer but only hope our campus remains gun free. I fear to think what the outcome in campustown would have been if 30 armed good intentioned people had began returning fire instead of the 2 trained officers that did.