Look Up, There's a Whole New World

"Tech Neck", have you heard the expression? It's a malady that is striking young and old alike. It seems in our modern age we are spending more time looking down than up. Think about it, computer screens, cellular phone texting etc...all devices and tasks which are usually below eye level. We do it while we sit, walk, and drive. We do it at all hours often not paying attention to the things and people around us, while I feel it's rude many have embraced it to the point that interrupting them is unacceptable. I swear if I am at lunch with another person who has their phone in their face, the next time they look up they will see an empty chair and I hope they don't mind picking up the check. This world has too much beauty to be enjoyed just by looking up, too many people who want to spend time with you only to be shunned for a distant conversation. Give your phone or computer a big hug and see if it's as warm as a real person. We are slowly yielding the humanity of our lives to the age of technology and as wonderful as it seems it lacks the compassion offered by your fellow human beings.