Who Says You Can't Buy Friends

Have you ever won the Lottery Jackpot? Well if you have, have I got a deal for you. first of all you just got a new best friend who is willing to sacrifice part of his life so he can spend some time with you, preferably on your private island in the Caribbean. I will also be willing to exercise your sport and luxury cars for days at a time. Now there is a catch my, wife must accompany me, I always promised her a life of luxury and we're willing to stay in one of you 12 bedroom suites preferably near the pool and sauna. We'll go to ballgames, I'll even book us the best luxury box and when we're golfing on your private course I'll let you drive the cart while I fix your favorite beverage. I'm loyal, entertaining, witty, a great conversationalist and like the mighty willow I bend with the wind. If you are ever accosted by nefarious characters my wife will defend you with her defensive skills while I run for help. This offer is exclusively offered to Lottery Winners of over $400,000,000, smaller packages are available to lesser winners.