Maxine Waters' District of Shame

Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D CA-43)has crafted a political career based on the well-timed application of heated rhetoric.  She's a master of turning political disagreements into overblown political crises (impeach Trump).  For years, her go-to move has been the pushing of the emotional buttonsof her constituents and members of her Democratic party.  

There's a lot of hand-waving and loud objections emanating from Ms. Waters at any given moment. One could argue that her criticism of President Trump merely exists to act as a distraction from the woeful conditions of her home district.  

Take a tour of one community within California's District 43.  Perhaps the good people of Gardena,HawthorneInglewood, Lawndale and Lomita will give some serious thought to the efforts made by Congresswoman Waters on their behalf.