Iowa's freezing forecast has gardeners grabbing blankets

Pella tulips

Pella tulips

(Ames, IA) -- The predicted freezing temperatures in Iowa could nip some tender plants. Cindy Haynes of Iowa State University Extension says most plants are now used to the chilly overnight temperatures, in the 30s. She says areas that dip into the 20s, could see more damage.

Haynes says she's not too worried about flowers and perennials such as tulips and peony bushes being damaged. She says, however, asparagus growers might want to cover up plants. She says another easy option is to harvest them even if they're short. Haynes says flowering strawberry plants should also be covered.

Haynes says the cold spell serves as a reminder that it's really too soon for gardeners to plant certain things, such as tomato plant- best two wait a few more weeks for that.

See Iowa State's list of frost date by community by clicking HERE.